Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL)


Lazy Pay is a credit app that allows you to buy now, pay later at your own convenience.

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Post Pe

Postpe is a powerful shopping website you require that enables you to purchase anything and everything—from golgappas to mobile phones—today and pay for it next month.

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ePayLater is a robust credit app that provides retailers and kirana store owners with a quick loan with pay-later benefits.

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Snapmint is an efficient online shopping space that enables users to make quick purchases on EMI payments without using credit cards.

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Buy Now Pay Later Apps to Pace up your Transactions

Find a list of robust buy now pay later apps that help you provide a feasible and affordable financing option for your customers. Through these apps you can not only help smoothen customer hesitation but also reach a new target audience too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Buy Now Pay Later Apps


1. What are buy now pay later apps?

Buy Now Pay Later apps tries to eliminate abandonment of cart and buyer hesitation by providing a feasible financial solution for customers. By integrating BNPL apps in your e-commerce platforms you are providing your customers with a way to finance their purchase in an affordable fashion. It also helps you reach a wider target market.


2. How do buy now pay later apps work?

Once the BNPL apps are integrated into the e-commerce platform, it facilitates an eKYC process for verification of customers and further does background checks based on documents submitted like income statements, negative lists, etc. Depending on the provider, customers pay an advance before the purchase of a product. Finally, in the stipulated time period, the BNPL provider receives the payment post in which they settle the accounts with the merchant. Additionally, the platform also earns a percentage of commission with each transaction.


3. What is the best credit app in India?

Some of the best buy now pay later apps in India come with no-cost EMI and easy payments through instalments. Here are some of the best credit apps in India that you need to know about:


  • LazyPay
  • Post Pe
  • ePayLater
  • Snapmint


4. What is the difference between BNPL platforms and credit cards?

While there are quite a few differences between credit cards and BNPL services, the major difference is the cost involved. Credit cards’ ownership costs are higher as it includes a joining fee, annual fee, rewards, redemption and more. On the other hand, buy now pay later apps have no additional fee involved while joining or any annual payment. Also, the audience segment is different for both products- while the BNPL services cater more to the youth and young adults, the credit cards serve the others.


5. Can I use BNPL for my business?

It is a good practice to offer BNPL services to your customers. Providing a seamless method of payment and multiple options of payment will help you increase your bottom line, help with increasing conversions, and also drive the return customer percentage higher.


6. Why do merchants use BNPL?

There are various advantages attached to integrating buy now pay later into your e-commerce business. Starting with an extended reach to potential customers. People who may not be able to afford your service/product at one go can turn to the BNPL service. Additionally, it also helps drive customer returns and improve conversion rates.

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