Keynote Speakers

Leadership Summit Speaker Mr. Arjun Vaidya

Journey from Startup to Exit to Investor

Mr. Arjun Vaidya

Ex-founder at Dr. Vaidyas and Ventures Lead at Verlinvest

Leadership Summit Speaker Mr. Damandeep Singh Soni

Building the brands of tomorrow

Mr. Damandeep Singh Soni

Chief Business Officer, GlobalBees

Leadership Summit Speaker Mr. Tanveer S Uberoi

The D2C revolution in India - Grow with Google

Mr. Tanveer S Uberoi

Director - Agency Partnerships & Sales, Google Customer Solutions(GCS), India at Google

Leadership Summit Speaker Ms. Ruchi Kohli

Scaling D2C with Meta

Ms. Ruchi Kohli

Head of Partner Management, India at Meta

Leadership Summit Speaker Mr. Vakul Agarwal

Driving Hyperscale Growth

Mr. Vakul Agarwal

Vice President - Growth, Licious

Leadership Summit Speaker Mr. Rohan Arora

Building your brand along with performance

Mr. Rohan Arora

Agency Manager, Google

Leaders from Social Beat

Leardership Summit Social Beat Suneil Chawla

Suneil Chawla

Leardership Summit Social Beat Vikas Chawla

Vikas Chawla

Leardership Summit Social Beat David Appasamy

David Appasamy
Head - Brand & Strategy

Leardership Summit Social Beat Meghana Chandani

Meghana Chandani
Associate Vice President

Leardership Summit Social Beat Tejasvi Batria

Tejasvi Batria
AVP - Client Success

Leardership Summit Social Beat Rachna Ganatra

Rachna Ganatra
Head – Business Development & Strategy

What will we be discussing ?

How consumers across India are adopting D2C brands

An insider view to two of India's biggest D2C brands - Licious and Dr. Vaidya's where we talk about what it really means to think 'digital first' in terms of growth strategy

How to leverage video across platforms to build your D2C brand

How to hyperscale and grow key metrics including retention and LTV

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